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How is the Network organised?
The Swiss Parks Network is a non-profit organisation, called association under Swiss law. Its most important bodies are:

Values, Strategy and Statutes

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The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the Network's mot important body. It determines the organisation's budget, planning and finances and elects the members of the executive Board as well as the finance auditors.

The organisation currently comprises 20 regular and seven associated members.

  • Regular membership is open to the managing authorities of both existing parks and parks currently being established as well as the Swiss National Park.
  • Associated membership is open to the managing authorities of the UNESCO natural heritage sites, geoparks and similar organisations.

The Board

The executive Board is the Associations' representative body. It organises current affairs and grants contracts to third parties. It currently comprises 9 members:

  • Präsident Stefan Müller-Altermatt (Nationalrat Die Mitte)
  • Fabien Vogelsperger, vice-président (directeur du Parc régional Chasseral)
  • Sophie Chanel (directrice du Parc naturel du Jorat)
  • Paolo Degiorgi (directeur du Parc Jura vaudois)
  • Flurin Filli (Leiter Naturschutz und Naturraummanagement Schweizerischer Nationalpark)
  • Christoph Müller (Geschäftsführer Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen)
  • Annette Schmid (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch)
  • David Spinnler (Geschäftsführer Naturpark Biosfera Val Müstair)

The office

A multilingual office staff implements the General Assembly and executive Board strategy and decisions.