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Eating & drinking

Culinary delicacies
With their vineyards and dry stonewalls or mixed orchards, landscapes are an essential feature of the Swiss parks. Farmers and their families cultivate them and transform their products into extraordinary delicacies. Can you picture a better way to taste them than in a local restaurant or during a picnic in the region where they come from?
Jurapark Aargau - © Markus Hässig

Producers & points of sales

Local producers use traditional methods to take care of highly valuable landscapes, thus protecting natural habitats, which are essential to many animals and plants.

Producers and points of sales
Jurapark Argau - © Martin Weiss

Local gastronomy

Many restaurants, farms, mountain pastures and agrotouristic businesses almost exclusively cook with regional products. You will love their cuisine made with local and seasonal ingredients.

Local gastronomy
Pärke-Markt - © Fabian Unternährer

Culinary events & experiences

Come and taste the specialities Swiss parks producers present in fairs and events. Have a chat with them and buy your favourite products. Alternatively, you can attend the many events that take place in the parks.

Culinary events & experiences