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Specialties & gifts

A treat from the Swiss park
Are you a fine food lover? Over 1800 products bearing the « Swiss parks » green square logo await you. This label gives you the guarantee that the whole production chain takes place in a park. It supports sustainable product manufacturing and contributes to protecting unique regions. Where can you purchase these delicacies? At the farms, local grocery stores or at Coop’s.
«Swiss Parks» label

The green square label guarantees that, for a product, 100% of the main ingredient and 80% of other ingredients come from the park's territory. Two thirds of the manufacturing process must also take place on parkland. The label supports parks since their producers are committed to providing further services towards guaranteeing a sustainable development.

Discover all producers and points of sale.

Naturpark Thal - © Switzerland Tourism-BAFU/Roland Gerth

Culinary treasures

Idyllic landscapes strewn with small vineyards, tender cherry trees blossoms, blue linen fields and cows grazing in alpine meadows are all part of the Swiss parks' hallmark.

This habitat is home to many plants and sometimes rare animals, such as the redstart or the green lizard. Their lives depend on farmers who protect these precious landscapes with sustainable farming techniques. They then transform their production with great care and respect for old traditions, but using modern technology.

Vouchers for culinary discovery tours

What better way to taste delicious specialties than directly where they are made? With the park discovery vouchers, embark on a gourmet journey, wine tasting and shopping at the farm or at the local grocers'.

Every gourmet food and beautiful landscape lover will appreciate theses vouchers, which offer a fantastic combination of excursions, restaurant meals and shopping.

Parkspezialitäten -  © Esther Lüthi

Tasty presents

A choice of 28 tasty baskets with Swiss parks products.

Give someone a tasty basket from the Swiss Parks! A choice of 28 baskets full of exclusive products will make all your loved ones happy... and you too! Read the catalogue.
By the way... when you buy these products, you help preserving unique regions and you support local jobs.

Jurapark Aargau - © Confiserie Kunz

Luscious Landscapes

Every park has a very distinctive cuisine - Traditions are ever more fashionable. Set off on a culinary discovery tour and experience the parks with your nose and palate! And start cooking with these recipes!