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Visit the Swiss parks by public transport: it’s easy and good for the environment!
Today, transport and mobility represent a major challenge for the tourism and leisure sector. The Swiss parks promote a sustainable development by encouraging soft mobility and public transport.
Insider Tips

Discover the charming wonders of the Graubünden parks on a confortable and ecological journey with "Destination Nature". Check it out.

Discover the Swiss parks with attractive hiking and cycling packages (with luggage transport) from Eurotrek. Check out the catalogue

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Sustainable development

The parks make sure to be entirely accessible by public transport, event though visitors might have to travel the last kilometre with an Alpine bus or a taxi. You will easily find the information on how to get there: for instance, the interactive online Swiss parks map is connected to the Swiss Railway timetable, making it easy for you to organise your next trip. Parks also work on mobility concepts, which include parking management and the development of better alternatives to private cars (such as free shuttle buses during events).

Cooperation partners

Cooperation partnerships help improve public transport and develop sustainable tourism activities:

DestinationNature: use public transport to travel to the parks in Graubünden

Destination nature is a Deutsche Bahn project aiming to support travel to the parks with public transport. The initiative was widened to the region of Graubünden with partners such as the Swiss Parks Network, ATE Switzerland, the Graubünden Birdlife association, the Rhaetian Railway, PostBus, four parks and the UNESCO tectonic arena Sardona heritage. Destination nature Graubünden now offers attractive deals to discover this region in a sustainable way. For example, you can go for an unforgettable tasting experience in the Parc Ela and enjoy a 20% discount on your ticket and on the meal. Find more informations on fahrtziel-natur.ch

Offers with our partners

PostBus: The most famous Swiss bus is now branded with the Swiss parks' colours! Discover their exclusive offers and fun day trips.

Alpine Bus: The Alpine Bus organisation promotes access by public transport to touristic places in the Swiss mountains. Their buses will take you to the following parks: Binntal, Gantrisch, Thal, Ela (Alp Flix), Ela (Bergün), Chasseral, Jura vaudois.

Alpine Taxi: You will get to the most remote mountain regions with local taxis, «on-call» buses and cable cars. The parks population and its nature are very grateful if you use these services. General map.

Eurotrek: This Swiss Tour-Operator offers guided or non-guided cycling and walking holidays. Since 2016, it creates beautiful trips to the Swiss parks with luggage transport. See trips. Download the exclusive «Parks» brochure (DE/FR).

Rent a Bike: Rent a Bike is the leader of bike, e-bike and mountain bike rental in Switzerland. Rent a Bike and the Swiss parks created beautiful cycling trips in the most beautiful regions of Switzerland. See all trips.