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Entlebucherhaus museum

Museum / Exhibition
Season: All season


All season


Kapuzinerweg 5
6170 Schüpfheim
Tel. +41 (0) 41 484 22 21

UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch   - In the Entlebucherhaus museum the history of Entlebuch becomes tangible. You will find a local historical collection focussing on the everyday life and craft of the farmers. The collection is displayed in 35 scenes over an exhibition area of 1000m2.


  • Educational opportunity


All season

Arrival by public transport

Schüpfheim, Bahnhof Timetable SBB


  • Seminarroom
  • Toilet

Suitable for

The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • Children < 6 years
  • Children from 7-12 years
  • Children >12 years
  • 50+
  • Families
  • Groups

The offer has been particularly developed for

  • First cycle (Kindergarten and 1st/2nd grade)
  • Second cycle (3rd - 6th grade, primary level)
  • Third cycle (1st – 3rd grade, lower secondary)
  • Upper Secondary School Classes
  • Association/Companies

Routes in the vicinity

UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Emmen riverside path

This suggested part of the Emmen riverside path from Schüpfheim to Entlebuch is ideally suitable for a family walk. At every metre the river sounds a little different and cloaks the walker in gentle rapture.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 hoursLength: 7.00km