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E-Bike fun route Jura park

Bicycle tourE-bike itinerary
Time required: 2 hours 30 minutesLength: 55.00 km


All season


Jurapark Aargau
Linn 51
5225 Bözberg
Tel. +41 (0)62 877 15 04

Jurapark Aargau - On the route through the Wegenstetter valley and along the Rhine, secrets about dinosaurs and cherries are waiting to be discovered.

Were there once dinosaurs in the Jura park? How do you make kirsch from cherries? And why are there two churches in Zuzgen directly opposite each other that have exactly the same name? You will find out this and lots more along our fun route.
Or simply enjoy the picturesque landscape in and around the Jurapark Aargau. Follow the little river Möhlin to the Rhine, discover the alluvial forests between Rheinfelden and Wallbach and cycle along the Sissle back into the heart of Fricktal Valley.



55.00 km
Amount untarred route
20.00 km
Vertical heigth
370 m
Altitude difference ascent
496 m
Altitude difference descent
499 m
Time required
2 hours 30 minutes
Level technique
Level condition
Height profile view map


Highlights along the route:
1. Buschberg Chapel
2. The baroque church of St George
3. Frick Dinosaur museum
4. Fricktal cherry trail

Equipment rent

FLYER rental station:
Park-Hotel am Rhein
Roberstenstrasse 31
4310 Rheinfelden
061 83 666 33


Road signs until Rheinfelden (do not miss the junction to the Buschberg chapel); from Hellikon on, there are bike routes along the main street. Then follow the Veloland-Schweiz signs (Rhein route no. 2 as far as Stein, then no. 56 Seetal Bözberg as far as Frick); in Frick there are standard road signs pointing to Gipf-Oberfrick/Wittnau.

Possibilities for catering

Landgasthof Krone, Wittnau (start and finish)
Park-Hotel am Rhein, Rheinfelden:


Battery replacement : Park-Hotel am Rhein, Rheinfelden -
Battery charging station: hotel Krone, Wittnau - (March-October)

  • Picnicplace
  • Fireplace
  • Toilet


Starting point
Wittnau, Restaurant Krone (Altitude: 423 m)
Arrival by public transport
Wittnau, Obere Gasse Timetable SBB
Wittnau, Restaurant Krone (Altitude: 423 m)
Arrival by public transport
Wittnau, Obere Gasse Timetable SBB

Suitable for

The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • 50+