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Explorer tour

Theme trail
Time required: 5 hours 30 minutesLength: 12.00 km


All season


Infostelle Parc Ela
Stradung 11, Im Bahnhof
7450 Tiefencastel
Tel. +41 81 508 01 12

Parc Ela - Discover traces of the past on the Parc Ela hiking tour From the Continent into the Ocean. Among others, these include old cart tracks in the rock, souvenirs from the sea and the imposing Heaven’s Gate.

The tour starts at the Julier (Pass) Hospice La Veduta (2,237 m / 7,339 ft.). From there, the Val d’Agnel is traversed and the Fuorcla digl Leget (2,711 m / 8,894) crossed to reach Bivio (1,769 m / 5,804 ft.). You will be starting on the former continental shelf of Africa and arrive at the former Tethys Ocean’s deep-sea floor. You are going to follow, if you will, the Earth’s history step by step. For some extra excitement, you can take the Explorer Kit with you on the hike and assume the role of a scientist or an explorer (Romansh: exploratour). The kit contains everything you need for this: research tools such as a geologist's hammer, hydrochloric acid as well as a manual with instructions for experiments and observations concerning flora and geology. You will be looking at the inside of stones, make stones vanish into thin air or observe how mountain flowers have adapted to the rock-hard life on the inside of rocks.



12.00 km
Altitude difference ascent
600 m
Altitude difference descent
1000 m
Time required
5 hours 30 minutes
Level technique
Level condition
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Starting point
Julier Hospiz / La Veduta (Altitude: 2233 m)
Arrival by public transport
Julier, La Veduta Timetable SBB
Bivio (Altitude: 2019 m)
Arrival by public transport
Bivio, posta Timetable SBB

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Discovering underway

Parc Ela

Infostelle Bivio

Informationen über den ganzen Naturpark erhalten Sie von den Mitarbeitern bei der Infostelle in Bivio.

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