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Winter trail Albinen - Feschel

Winter hiking path
Time required: 2 hours 15 minutesLength: 6.50 km


All season


Naturpark Pfyn-Finges
Kirchstrasse 6
3970 Salgesch
Tel. +41 (0)27 452 60 60

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges - The walk starts in Albinen. The trail is prepared with a machine and is about 2.5m wide. The walk can be done without any problem if you have good winter shoes. The superb views over the Rhone valley can be enjoyed all the way to Feschel.

Take the bus from Leuk railway station to Albinen post office bus stop. It is worthwhile to take some time in Albinen to wander through the attractive village centre, a site of national importance. A little refreshment in one of the village restaurants helps to start your walk of properly.
The actual hiking trail starts in the north west, somewhat above the village. The trail is prepared with a machine in winter and is about 2.5m wide. The walk can be done without any problem provided you have good winter shoes. 
With a gentle ascent you walk through snow-covered woodland eastwards to the burnt forest. Cast a glance towards the sky now and then, since Golden Eagles are often observed in this area. The tracks in the snow are indicative of hares and deer, which with a lot of luck can also be sighted in daytime.
The superb view over the Rhone valley can be enjoyed all the way to Feschel! Afterwards you ride back to the valley with the bus.



6.50 km
Altitude difference ascent
330 m
Altitude difference descent
350 m
Time required
2 hours 15 minutes
Level technique
Level condition
Height profile view map


This way is an impressive experience all year round.



Possibilities for catering

Restaurant Sunnublick, 3955 Albinen, Tel. +41 (0)27 473 13 87,,
Rhoneblick, 3956 Guttet-Feschel, Tel. +41 (0)27 473 11 82
Restaurant Sonnenberg, 3956 Guttet-Feschel, Tel. +41 (0)27 473 35 15


Starting point
Albinen (Altitude: 1300 m)
Arrival by public transport
Albinen, Post Timetable SBB
Feschel (Gemeinde Guttet-Feschel) (Altitude: 1280 m)
Arrival by public transport
Feschel Timetable SBB

Suitable for

The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • 50+

Discovering underway

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges


Points of interest in Albinen include numerous mountain farm houses and barns. On the other hand, the village church is built in a modern style, after the old church was destroyed in an earthquake. Village centre of national importance (ISOS).

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

The forest fire area Leuk

After the fire above Leuk different stages of revegetation can be observed. In many places the flower carpets of the red soapwort have made way for young forests, while other locations are still bare.

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges


The village of Feschel in the Municipality of Guttet-Feschel has a village centre of national importance (ISOS). Feschel was first mentioned in a document by the name of Vexil or Veselli.