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Langenberg–Sihlwald round trip

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Time required: < 2hLength: 21.40 km


All season


Stiftung Wildnispark Zürich
Alte Sihltalstrasse 38
8135 Sihlwald
Tel. +41 (0)44 722 55 22


Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald - A pleasant e-bike circuit from Langnau-Gattikon to the wildlife park and through the Sihlwald nature forest to Sihlbrugg. Then along the River Sihl back to the starting point.



21.40 km
Altitude difference ascent
345 m
Altitude difference descent
345 m
Time required
< 2h
Level technique
Level condition
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  • Playground
  • Picnicplace
  • Fireplace
  • Toilet


Starting point
Bahnhof Langnau-Gattikon (Altitude: 468 m)
Arrival by public transport
Langnau-Gattikon, Bahnhof Timetable SBB
Bahnhof Langnau-Gattikon (Altitude: 468 m)
Arrival by public transport
Langnau-Gattikon, Bahnhof Timetable SBB

Suitable for

The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • Children < 6 years
  • Children from 7-12 years
  • Children >12 years
  • 50+
  • Families

Discovering underway

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Naturmuseum im Besucherzentrum

In den Ausstellungen des Museums des Wildnispark Zürich im Besucherzentrum in Sihlwald treffen Kultur und Natur auf- und zueinander. Dies ermöglicht vertraute Zugänge zu neuen persönlichen Naturerlebnissen.

Museum / Exhibition
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Langenberg restaurant

Here you can eat a wide range of products with natural animal entertainment directly in front of the brown bear. There is a serve-service restaurant with a large gravel terrace, an amusing children's corner and also six cosy guest rooms.

RestaurantGuest houseCafe
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Moose animal facility

European moose can be observed either individually or in groups in the natural enclosure with a pond in Langenberg West.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald


The Rooseveltplatz is named after Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who in 1948 admired the mighty 200 year-old trees on this location during a visit to Sihlwald.

Historical place
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Visitor centre in Sihlwald

There is information, a souvenir and bookshop at the visitor centre in Zurich's wilderness park, and it also has a museum with interactive exhibitions about nature and the wilderness.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Restaurant Sihlwald

Where wood from the Sihlwald was processed earlier, today the guests of the wilderness park Zurich can enjoy easy meals and refreshments with look on the forest and the Sihl.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Shop im Besucherzentrum

Im Shop im Besucherzentrum des Wildnispark Zürich in Sihlwald erhalten Sie Stofftiere, Postkarten, Feldstecher, Lupen sowie zahlreiche Sach- und Geschichtenbücher zu Naturthemen für Kinder und Erwachsene.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Information im Besucherzentrum

Bei der Informationsstelle des Wildnispark Zürich im Besucherzentrum in Sihlwald erhalten Sie hilfreiche Informationen zu den Angeboten des Parks sowie nützliche Karten für Ihren Ausflug in die Wildnis.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Langrain barbecue area

The two barbecue areas at Langrain lie directly on the Sihlwaldstrasse . Benches, tables and wells are available.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Bodenmatt barbecue area

One barbecue area directly on the banks of the Sihl river. There are two benches as well as a table and bench combination provided.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Visitor centre barbecue area

There are three barbecue area with several benches in front of the Visitor centre in Sihlwald. Firewood is available in wooden crates.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Streuboden barbecue area

There is a barbecue area with three benches and a table bench combination on Streuboden. The barbecue area lies directly on the Sihlwald road.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Tieranlage Fischotter

Mehrere Inseln bereichern die Fischotteranlage beim Besucherzentrum in Sihlwald. Dort können die verspielten Fischotter fressen und sich verstecken.

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Glögglifrosch pond

The cleaned-up ponds along the River Sihl between Langnau am Albis and Sihlwald offer a home for the Glögglifrosch (midwife toad).