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Regional museum in Binn

Museum / Exhibition
July, August, September, October


July, August, September, October


Gemeinde Binn
3996 Binn
Tel. +41 27 971 46 20

Landschaftspark Binntal - The exhibition is devoted to the thing that has made this valley famous far beyond Switzerland: minerals.

Part of this extensive collection belongs to the local community itself, since it is legally entitled to a share of the yield from the Lengenbach mine. Geological maps, a model of the mine (which cannot be visited) and photographs of the activities of the "Strahler" (crystal miners) complete the exhibition.


Free with the guest card from the Tourist office of the Binntal Nature Par

  • Educational opportunity


July, August, September, October


The museum will be closed in 2023 for renovation work and a new concept.

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Binn, Dorf Timetable SBB

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Routes in the vicinity

Landschaftspark Binntal

Binn - Hockmatta - Niederernen


We start off in the mineral village of Binn. The trial takes us to the hamlet of Zen Binnen, through the wild Twingi gorge, over the Roman bridge to the now uninhabited hamlet Hockmatta and after a small ascent into the Zauberwald and to Niederernen.

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 hours 20 minutesLength: 9.00km
Landschaftspark Binntal

Reflection trail


From the chapel of the Cross, we first follow the hiking trail in a south-easterly direction. At the very back, by the last pastures, the first cross of the Reflection Trail awaits us.

Theme trailHiking trail
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