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Château de Villa

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Chateau de Villa
Rue Ste Catherine 4
3960 Sierre
Tel. +41 (0)27 455 18 96



Chateau de Villa
Rue Ste Catherine 4
3960 Sierre
Tel. +41 (0)27 455 18 96


Naturpark Pfyn-Finges - The Château de Villa is an old patrician house form the 17th century It houses a wine cellar and a speciality restaurant. Enjoy the traditional terroir dishes and discover over 650 wines from different vineyards in Valais

Château de Villa wine cellar

The wine bar is a popular meeting place for all wine enthusiasts. It offers a unique selection of over 650 wines from about seventy Valais cellars in an exclusive and cosy setting. Rare bottles of older vintage as well as a range of distillates from the Rhone valley orchards can also be found here. Every week, the wine bar invites you to discover wine from two different producers, by offering the respective wines by the glass. The visitor has the opportunity of enjoying the whole product range on the spot or to purchase at the selling price of the respective cellar. Wine-selling "to take away" is possible.
Discover the long history of wine and its diverse consumption patterns. In Valais, wine-making is a very old custom. Wine has always played a major role in Valais social history as a daily glass, a festival drink or as a medicine.


Walk along the vineyard trail to understand better the world of wine. This 6-km long trail takes you through vineyards, hedges and little woods to discover the wine-making villages and the methods of cultivation. 80 Information boards line the route. They inform about life in the vineyards and about the landscape and its inhabitants. Duration: Two and a half hours. There are rest areas provided for visitors. The return trip from Salgesch or Sierre is possible by train.

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