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Schweizerischer Nationalpark - The SNP is a wilderness area according to the IUCN and complies with the strictest standards.

The Swiss National Park is a strictly protected wilderness where flora and fauna can develop freely and natural processes are allowed to run their course unhindered.

Thanks to the vision of far-sighted pioneers Switzerland’s first national park, the oldest in the Alps, was founded more than 100 years ago. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (iucn) the Swiss National Park (snp) belongs to the high­est category – the «Champions League» – of strict nature reserves. Such a high status carries obligations. Within the Park it is not permitted to leave the marked paths; it is prohibited to pick flo­wers, mow meadows, kill animals or cut down trees. Nature is left untouched; nothing must be changed.

It is not just a question of protection of species; the entire habitat, with all its natural dynamic processes, is strictly protected – fallen trees, avalanches and mudslides also come into this category.


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