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Natura Trail - Parc Ela 2



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Parc Ela Management
Stradung 11 / Im Bahnhof
7450 Tiefencastel
Tel. +41 81 508 01 12


Parc Ela - With a close-up view of the Landwasser viaduct, the second stage takes you to the shady bank of the Albula and down into the valley.

Filisur - Crap Furò - Surava - Tiefencastel. A detour to Crap Furò, the cliff with the large hole in the centre of the canton, is rewarded by views over the entire valley as well as the villages and fields opposite, on the sunny side. Mostly through the forest, the path remains cool even on hot days and reaches the junction of Tiefencastel. You can order the Parc Ela's Natura Trail guide here: https://www.naturfreunde.ch/fr/natura-trail/nouveau-parc-ela/


Natura Trails are theme trails through nature reserves to raise awareness of the need to protect nature and the landscape and to support sustainable regional development. The Natura Trail is more than just a hiking recommendation. The pocket guide enable you to embellish your walk with activities for young and old alike. There is always information about the animals and plants that you will encounter on the way, or about the landscape you are roaming through.
The result of the project launched by nature lovers in Austria in 2004 was that today, there are Natura Trails in Germany, Austria and in Eastern Europe. In 2008, the Austrian UNESCO Commission labelled the Natura Trail as the project of the decade in the sector “Education for Sustainable Development”.


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