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Marbachegg gondola lift

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All season


Sportbahnen Marbachegg AG
Dorfstrasse 61
6196 Marbach
Tel. +41 (0)34 493 33 88

UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch   - Marbachegg at 1500 m - the sun terrace with the most beautiful panorama, where Emmental and Entlebuch meet.

Small but nice - uncomplicated and family-friendly - that is the perfect description for the "sun terrace" Marbachegg. The Bretzeli cable car, as the gondola lift is called in Marbach, starts just outside the village of Marbach and goes up in about 10 minutes on the north side to the point with the unexpected, special view: Schibegütsch and Hohgant form the horizon, in between the view opens up to the Bernese High Alps with Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhorn and Eiger.



All season

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Marbachegg, Talstation Timetable SBB

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Routes in the vicinity

UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Schneeschuhtrail Rundweg Marbachegg


Verzückende Ausblicke während der Schneeschuh-Tour auf der Sonnenterrasse Marbachegg sind hier garantiert.

Snowshoe route
Time required: 44 minutesLength: 1.70km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Marbachegg-Bumbach winter hiking trail

Don’t fancy strenuous ascents? If so, this winter hiking trail is a real insider’s tip: with its sunny location, it’s ideal for all those who prefer a short tour that’s not too demanding. The vast majority of it is downhill and even takes you across ...

Winter hiking path
Time required: 1 hour 45 minutesLength: 5.43km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Schneeschuhtrail Marbachegg-Marbach


Glitzernde Schneelandschaften und das herrliche Panorama mit Schrattenfluh, Hohgant & Eiger geniessen.

Snowshoe route
Time required: 1 hour 40 minutesLength: 3.84km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Winterwanderung Marbachegg-Marbach

Winterwanderung mit Start auf der Sonnenterrasse Marbachegg.

Winter hiking path
Time required: 2 hours 35 minutesLength: 9.34km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Flowtrail Marbachegg


Blending ideally into the countryside and with slopes of no more than 30% – this is the essence of the flow trail running from Marbachegg to Marbach. It is suitable in particular for skilled bikers, who will have plenty of fun on the hollows, waves a...

Mountainbike trail
Time required: 25 minutesLength: 3.92km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Marbachegg–Kreuzegg Trail


On this trail you can enjoy the idyllic landscape and peace, far away from mass tourism. One thing is for sure: you will always see the breathtaking panorama. Between Schibegütsch and Hohgant, the view opens up to the Bernese High Alps with Schreckho...

Snowshoe route
Time required: 3 hours 10 minutesLength: 6.77km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Bretzeli Foto-OL auf der Marbachegg


Mit der OL-Karte ausgerüstet erkundet die ganze Familie auf dem Bretzeli Foto-OL die Marbachegg.

Theme trail
Time required: 45 minutesLength: 2.06km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Marbachegg - Hürnli - Marbach

Panoramic hike from the sunny terrace Marbachegg via Hünrli to the village of Marbach.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 hours 30 minutesLength: 14.59km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Rundweg Marbachegg

Eine gemütlicher Rundweg auf der Marbachegg - ideal nach einem feinen Essen im Berggasthaus!

Hiking trail
Time required: 40 minutesLength: 1.84km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Marbachegg - Bumbach - Marbach

Wanderung mit phänomenaler Aussicht auf die Schrattenfluh, den Hohgant und die Berner Alpen.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 hoursLength: 13.97km
UNESCO Biosphäre Entlebuch  

Marbachegg - Kemmeriboden

A panoramic walk featuring both views and a sweet reward!

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 hours 35 minutesLength: 8.14km