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Business is partner of the park
Rötiberg Kellerei
Hauptstrasse 34
8217 Wilchingen
Tel. +41 52 681 19 21


Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen - The young, innovative team at the Rötiberg winery creates durable wines which are still fun many years after.

In the north of Switzerland, you can find a region that was formed by the Rhine in primeval times - the Klettgau. It's around its winemaking villages Wilchingen, Osterfingen and Trasadingen that the the vines which are carefully vinified at Rötiberg grow. Inventiveness and creativity are the hallmarks of the winery. The Rötiberg winery was established in 2001 by the local vine growers. The name Rötiberg comes from one of the best located and sunniest vineyards on Wilchingerberg in beautiful Klettgau - the Wild West of Schaffhausen. The young, innovative team pitches in where labour is needed. Teamwork is very important. New marketing ideas often come into being while they have a glass of wine. A lot of things are needed to make good wine: good soil, the right amount of sunshine and rain and - above all - a love for winemaking. Rötiberg believes in wines for pure indulgence - made to be enjoyed with pleasure and friends.


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