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Biotope Hegi

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All season


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Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen
Hauptstrasse 50
8217 Wilchingen

Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen - The biotope Hegi is an important habitat for animals and plants, but also can be a recreation area for you. Let the stress behind you and feel in harmony with the nature.

Have you ever observed the southern hawker (Aeshna cyanea) a species of hawker dragonfly or listend to the croaking of frogs? The biotope Hegi in Altdorf with its three ponds was created in 1980. The carefully maintained oasis offers an ideal habitat for many dragonfly and amphibian species. In the orchid season you can even discover the "Chuchischelle" near the biotope.



All season

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Regionaler Naturpark Schaffhausen


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