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The Three Parks Hike: Stage 1

Hiking trail
Time required: 6 hoursLength: 16.00 km


Mai, June, July, August, September, October


Lerzenstrasse 21
8953 Dietikon
Tel. +41 (0)44 316 10 00

Naturpark Diemtigtal - The Three Parks Hike, Stage 1 from Zweisimmen to Grimmialp

From Zweisimmen you start the first day by climbing to the Gubi Pass, where your efforts are rewarded with a well-deserved break on the shores of Lake Seeberg. The trail then descends to the Diemtigtal valley. Throughout the day, you will notice the grazing cows, which produce valuable milk. The story «Von glücklichen Kühen und ideenreichen Bauern» (in German) and « Pour le bonheur des vaches et de toute la vallée » (in French) will tell you more about these cows.



16.00 km
Altitude difference ascent
1250 m
Altitude difference descent
1050 m
Time required
6 hours
Height profile view map


Starting point
Arrival by public transport
Zweisimmen, Bahnhof Timetable SBB
Arrival by public transport
Schwenden i.D., Grimmialp Timetable SBB

Suitable for

The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • 50+

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Naturpark Diemtigtal

Mountain restaurant Stierenberg

Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, unwind, enjoy simple meals or simply recharge your batteries for the onward journey in the midst of the mountain world?

RestaurantFarm restaurantAlpine hut and shelterAlpine huts offering regional product
Naturpark Diemtigtal

Lake Seeberg and Blauseeli

Lake Seeberg in Spillgerten nature reserve and Blauseeli, the Blue Lake in the Senggiweid are typical mountain lakes with clear, cold water and are very popular day-trip destinations. Their underground inlets and outlets are puzzling..

Naturpark Diemtigtal

Mountain restaurant Seeberg

The Seeberg mountain restaurant is located at 1800 m above sea level near the Seeberg lake. It awaits its guests with a small but fine menu. As a popular souvenir, alpine cheese and dried beef sausage can be bought on site.

Alpine huts offering regional product
Naturpark Diemtigtal

Hotel Kurhaus Grimmialp

Holidays in an oasis of calm in the former "Grand Hotel Kurhaus Grimmialp". Site with large hotel park.