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Fromagerie Fleurette Sàrl

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Fromagerie Fleurette Sàrl
Les Praz, Rte de Flendruz 4
1659 Rougemont
Tel. +41 (0)26 925 82 10

Parc naturel régional Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut - In 1988, Michel Béroud and his wife Hélène took over the running of the Fleurette cheese dairy and, with it, the production of its signature product, the Tomme Fleurette. This soft rind cheese cemented its fine reputation when it was named best bloomy-rind soft cheese at the 2001 Swiss Cheese Awards.
Even after 20 years and a host of awards, the master cheesemaker is as committed and passionate as ever to creating new specialities which celebrate all that the region has to offer. They include La Dzorette which is dusted with cut fir tree needles during the ripening process, Fromage des Forts, and K-Ré, a soft cheese with a Marc du Dézaley-washed rind. All of these can be bought directly from the cheese dairy.
To ensure the consistent quality of his products, Michel Beroud can count on twenty or so local farmer-suppliers from Rougemont. The delicate scent of wild flowers in the milk from their grass-fed cows lends the Fleurette cheese dairy products their unique and unmistakable tas




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