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History and Culture Trail

Theme trail
Time required: 30 minutesLength: 1.00 km


April, Mai, June, July, August, September, October


Naturpark Diemtigtal
Bahnhofstrasse 20
3753 Oey
Tel. +41 (0)33 681 26 06

Naturpark Diemtigtal - The history and culture trail shows sections of the way of life in the Diemtigtal, back to the Middle Stone Age. At eight posts (in German) you will learn interesting facts about the region.

At eight posts you will learn (in German) interesting facts about alpine farming, cattle, horse and goat breeding, trade and industry, art and culture, timber construction, tourism, important buildings and ways of life. The time period goes back to the Middle Stone Age.

The trail shows how, around 10,000 years ago, prehistoric people in search of food advanced into the still glaciated Diemtigtal and found shelter under the Eyeriedschopf in Zwischenflüh. Various excavations, such as stone and bone implements, provide evidence of human presence in the Diemtigtal in the Middle Stone Age.

The one-kilometre trail leads from the Brätlistelle Anger (post bus stop) to the Eyeriedschopf, 80 metres higher up. The hike can be extended: either up to the Seebergsee lake (variant I) or as a circular route along the Narenbach stream and valley hiking trail back to the starting point at Anger (variant II).



1.00 km
Vertical heigth
58 m
Altitude difference ascent
58 m
Altitude difference descent
52 m
Time required
30 minutes
Level technique
Level condition
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  • Educational opportunity

Price information

You can reserve the Anger fireplace for Fr. 50 at the Nature Park office. This gives you the right of first refusal for the use of the fireplace.


  • Playground
  • Picnicplace
  • Fireplace
  • Toilet


Starting point
Anger Zwischenflüh (Altitude: 1082 m)
Arrival by public transport
Zwischenflüh, Anger Timetable SBB
Eyeried, Zwischenflüh (Altitude: 1140 m)
Arrival by public transport
Zwischenflüh, Anger Timetable SBB

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Naturpark Diemtigtal

Barbecuing area "Anger"

The "Anger" round timber camp fire site is on the valley walk. This camp fire site offers space for more than twenty people. The playground with various practical playground equipment is popular with children and is directly beside the timber cabin.

Naturpark Diemtigtal


The Eyenriedschopf is a rocky shelter. It's the first resting place of the middle Stone Age which was found in the Swiss Alps.

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