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Livestock guardian centre

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All season


Walter Hildbrand
3945 Jeizinen
Mobile +41 (0)79 527 72 36

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges - Ms. Patrizia Dea Alvino is the accountable manager since 2014, contact: +41 79 541 46 36 and Mr. Walter Hildbrand is responsible as herd protection expert. Visits upon request.

Since 2014 Ms. Patrizia Dea Alvino is the accountable manager, contact: +41 79 541 46 36 and responsible as herd protection expert is Mr. Walter Hildbrand. Visits upon request.

In addition, small guided day trips on the back of Haflinger horses are offered around Jeizinen. The route depends on the number of participants and can be determined accordingly. For children we also organize small guided horseback adventures in a closed corral or around Jeizinen.

Riding experiences for children: closed corral or around Jeizinen are between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

Trekking Tour Jeizinen: 1-2 hours on the road with a small snack.


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  • Adults
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