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Bakery - Tea Room Mathieu Susten

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All season


Business is partner of the park

Bäckerei Mathieu
Anneliese und Paul Mathieu
Sustenstrasse 10
3952 Susten
Tel. +41 (0)27 473 13 59
Mobile +41 (0)79 567 54 40


Business is partner of the park
Bäckerei Mathieu
Anneliese und Paul Mathieu
Sustenstrasse 10
3952 Susten
Tel. +41 (0)27 473 13 59
Mobile +41 (0)79 567 54 40

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges - Baking is our passion and we have a long-standing family tradition. Let us captivate you with our park breads, grape seed bread and organic AOP-certified Valais rye bread.

The Mathieu Bakery is a 3rd generation family business and has a long-standing tradition.
Quality, regionality and craftsmanship are taken as read here. Each day we bake and sell our crisp bakery goods with passion. The satisfaction of our customers and uniqueness and variety of our products are a top priority for us.

Visit us and be captivated and inspired by our park products and the Valais specialities.

Certified park products: grape seed bread and organic AOP-certified Valais rye bread

Grape seed products: grape seed bread, grape seed bowls, grape seed croissants, grape seed sticks, grape seed bars, grape seed party bread and grape seed sandwiches filled with Valais dried meat, raw ham and cheese. Grape seed hamburger bun, Grape seed pastetli

Organic AOP-certified Valais rye bread products: organic AOP-certified Valais rye bread, organic AOP-certified Valais rye chips, organic AOP-certified Valais rye sausages.


On request, we can also serve the following regional specialities:
- Park menu
- Park breakfast
- Valais aperitif
- Valais dessert
- Valais meat plate
- Valais cheese plate
- Rye sausage plate
- Valais raclette
- Valais cholera tart
- Sampling of park products
- We cook for you
- We organise your party

  • child-friendly


All season


Monday to Friday: 5.30 to 19.00;
Saturday and Sunday and public holidays: 5.30 to 18.00

Arrival by public transport

Leuk, Bahnhof Timetable SBB


Tea room in Susten; Large, covered garden terrace in Susten; Large play area in Susten; Parking space; Wheelchair-accessible; Disabled WC

  • Playground
  • Toilet

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  • Adults
  • Children < 6 years
  • Children from 7-12 years
  • Children >12 years
  • 50+
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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Walking-tour Illgraben - Bhutan bridge

Length 7 km
Hiking time 2 h 00
Height difference up 250 m
Height difference down 250 m

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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Wild herbs and rye

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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

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