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Traditions in the museums of the Gantrisch

Living Traditions 2020. A series of exhibitions in the museums of the Gantrisch region
For the first time and during one year, all the museums in the Gantrisch region focus on a common theme: the living traditions of the region.

The Gantrisch region is rich in rituals and festivals, processions and customs, as well as games, tales, legends and traditional songs that punctuate the daily life. The museums of the region and the Gantrisch Nature Park are jointly committed to promoting this diverse intangible cultural heritage. The project of the exhibition series is based on traditional events and important fixed points of the living cultural heritage that animate the regional cultural offer. Each of the seven regional museums has chosen the traditions that it wishes to highlight. Coordinated by a professional conservator mandated by the Park, the various exhibitions propose a varied program, which appears in the calendar of traditional events.


Exhibition themes and programme

Toy Museum in Wattenwil, «Mit Glück und Strategie - Spiele aus 100 Jahren» : Board games: an old tradition

Museum in Belp, «Im Chrütz» : hostel culture, cohabitation and other living traditions

Regional Museum Schwarzwasser, «Chrugle - Schafscheid - Outorenne» : the ball game "Chrugle", sheep's désalpe (Schaffscheid), car racing

Sensler Museum, «Ùf ùm Jakobswäg» : pilgrimage on the Jacobean route

Rüeggisberg Abbey Museum, «Bauhandwerk - Pilgerwesen - Viehwirtschaft» : stone-cutting crafts for construction, pilgrimage on the Jacobean route, cattle breeding

Vreneli Museum in Guggisberg : folk songs about the history of Vreneli, regional traditional costumes

Museum in the school of the village Wattenwil : the Wattenwil Market