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Hiking trail
Time required: 5 hours 30 minutesLength: 14.00 km


All season


Tourismusbüro c/o Konsum Grengiols
Landschaftspark Binntal
Dorfplatz 9
3993 Grengiols
Tel. +41 27 927 11 20

Landschaftspark Binntal -

Covered with snow
An interesting circular trail that leads you past a number of cultural highlights. The hike takes about 4-5 hours.

Shortly after the hamlet of Bächerhäusern, the path leaves the road and leads through forests over the Unnergriesgraben and Riedgraben ditches.
After crossing both ditches, the path continues through romantic forests to Firsitten, to the place called "Unnerbode". It is, however, worth climbing to "Oberbode" and the "Hohtutter", a remarkable viewpoint in the municipality of Grengiols. From here, you can enjoy a wonderful view towards Ausserbinn, the Twingischlucht gorge and into the Binntal valley.
Afterwards, you descend to Blatt where you’ll find the Chapel of St. James (Hl. Jakobus).
Now you can continue the hike to the hamlet of Hockmatta. You can take a break at the Chapel of the Holy Family. The path leads back to the village of Grengiols along the Roman road/Tulip Orbit.



14.00 km
Vertical heigth
800 m
Time required
5 hours 30 minutes
Level technique
Level condition
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In the hamlet of Bächerhäusern the Chapel of St. Mary is well worth a visit. It contains a famous picture of the Madonna of the Alps by Raphael Ritz.


Starting point
Grengiols (Altitude: 995 m)
Arrival by public transport
Grengiols Timetable SBB
Grengiols (Altitude: 995 m)
Arrival by public transport
Grengiols Timetable SBB

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  • Adults
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  • 50+

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Landschaftspark Binntal

Hamlet of Hockmatta

The attractively situated hamlet of Hockmatta was first mentioned in 1393 and stands on a once-busy track from Grengiols to Albrun. The few residential and utility buildings encompass an square-like interior, and there is a chapel on its west edge.

Natural landscape / HabitatSite
Landschaftspark Binntal

St James' chapel

St. James' chapel is dedicated to the patron saint of pilgrims, St. James the Elder and lies in what is called in common parlance "Uff dum Blatt" in the municipality of Grengiols on the way to the place of pilgrimage Heiligkreuz.

Cultural landscapeHistorical building
Landschaftspark Binntal

Restaurant Grängierstuba

Cosy village restaurant with about 50 seats inside and 20 seats on the village square.

Landschaftspark Binntal

Konsumgenossenschaft Grengiols

Die Konsumgenossenschaft Grengiols wurde am 21. August 1910 gegründet. Sie zählt heute 102 Mitglieder und beschäftigt 2 Teilzeitangestellte sowie einige Studenten.