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Park & Product Labels

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The «Swiss Parks» label can be awarded to parks but also to products and services.

The Park label

The Park label

If a park meets all the requirements, it is awarded the «Park of National Importance» label by the Swiss Confederation. This label is valid for 10 years, after which the park management must apply for a new one.

The label «Park of National Importance» guarantees:

  • the preservation and care of the natural and cultural landscapes in the park
  • the park's long-term financial and spatial viability
  • a basic-democratic (grass roots) legitimisation
  • a professional management

During their establishment phase, future parks receive the «Candidate» label on request.

The Product label

The Product label

Goods and services from the parks can be awarded the «Swiss parks Product label» by the park authorities.

Products must meet the following requirements:

  • the production process takes place mainly in the park
  • the production process promotes the objectives of the park
  • Food products must comply with the standards of the Swiss regional brands

A certification process specified by the Swiss Confederation guarantees that producers comply with the requirements.

By purchasing a labeled product or service, you contribute to preserving beautiful landscapes with a rich flora and fauna. You support and promote an important cultural heritage and a vital regional economy.