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Team building events with a sustainable impact on nature


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Elisa Strecke & Ladina Maurer
Coordination Corporate volunteering 

Phone number: +41 (0)31 381 10 71
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The Swiss parks regularly organise corporate programmes for companies who actively contribute to sustainable development through their environmental protection and social responsibility strategy.

Our programmes take place in fantastic natural and cultural landscapes. They meet the highest standards with respect to environmental sustainability. Working outdoors for a good cause will make your employees feel great and spark their motivation and enthusiasm. They will laugh together and enjoy their day. In the evening, exhausted, they will fall asleep with a great feeling.


Our programmes take place in the most beautiful places with amazing views. You can choose many different sites and activities all over Switzerland, in ten different nature parks.

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Your employees will work to complete important tasks for nature protection. These activities will increase team skills and communication. They will discover the park, meet with the local community and eat delicious local specialties.

Professional mountain leaders will protect your safety during this experience filled day and share their knowledge about habitat, animals and plants. Watch this short presentation for summary information.


We organise your event at cost price and take care of all details: location, area inspection, safety concept, equipment and tools, transport and meals, detailed programme. We also put you in touch with the experts who will lead and coach your team. Count about CHF 115 per person for a group of 30, meal included. Interested? We will be happy to send you a quote.

We will bear the costs related to equipment and tools and give you a surprise present as a thank you for your commitment.

Important information: we do not make any profit as your costs exclusively cover the expenses. Since we only use local products and services, the value generated by your activity will help supporting an economically and structurally disadvantaged region. You will make a positive impact on the environment and on sustainable development.

Our experience and references

Since 2013, we organise corporate volunteering programmes that meet the highest quality and sustainability standards. The most important thing for us? To hear you say, at the end of the day: «That was amazing! ». Learn more and read our customer's feedback in this short presentation. Watch our video for more information.

Need advice?

We organise every single detail of your event: activities, workshop, nature or cultural experiences, meals, etc. Contact us ! We are looking forward to hearing from you.