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Pfyn-Finges Nature Reserve

Natural landscape / Habitat
Season: All season


All season


Naturpark Pfyn-Finges
Kirchstrasse 6
3970 Salgesch
Tel. +41 (0)27 452 60 60


Naturpark Pfyn-Finges
Kirchstrasse 6
3970 Salgesch
Tel. +41 (0)27 452 60 60

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges - The forest of Pfyn/Finges nature reserve is the centrepiece of the regional nature park Pfyn/Finges. The forest of Pfyn/Finges has been officially protected since 1997, after it had already been included in the KLN inventory in 1963.


The Pfyn-Finges Regional nature park boasts numerous protected areas of national importance. The most well-known is the forest of Pfyn/Finges with the wild river Rhone between Leuk and Sierre. Please take note of the information signs and markings. in addition in this region we request you:
remain on the marked trials
do not bathe in the streams
enjoy the plants, flowers and bushes but do not pick them
keep dogs on a lead
take your rubbish with you
fires are strictly forbidden in the forest of Pfyn/Finges!
Thank you for helping to preserve this unique area.


All season

Arrival by public transport

Leuk, Bahnhof Timetable SBB

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Routes in the vicinity

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Tour around the ponds

Open pine forests, picturesque pools and rare flowers
Distance 1.5 km
Time required 0 h 30
Height difference: ascent 50 m
Height difference descent 50 m

Hiking trail
Time required: 1 hour 30 minutesLength: 1.50km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Walking-tour Illgraben - Bhutan bridge

Length 7 km
Hiking time 2 h 00
Height difference up 250 m
Height difference down 250 m

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 hoursLength: 7.00km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Walking through Pfyn forest

An exciting walk across the forest of Pfyn/Finges nature reserve. Discover the points of interest in the nature reserve.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 hoursLength: 14.00km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Wine trail

On the way through vineyards and wine villages in the nature park.

Bicycle tour
Time required: 2 hoursLength: 15.00km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Unterems - BhutanBridge - Leuk

Unterems offers a fantastic view in autumn of the fire-red smoke bushes in the rocky steppes on the opposite slopes. From there the walk leads over the Bhutan Bridge through the forest of Pfyn/Finges to Leuk railway station.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 hoursLength: 12.00km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Walk Sierre - Salgesch

Discover wine and water between Sierre and Salgesch. The walk goes from Sierre past the Gironde Lake and along the wild Rhone to Salgesch. A wine-tasting stop at one of the wine partner companies is well worthwhile.

Hiking trail
Time required: < 2hLength: 5.00km