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Bear trail

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 - 4hLength: 6.00 km


Turtmanntal Tourismus
Dorfstrasse 6
3946 Turtmann
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Naturpark Pfyn-Finges - A bear paw still hangs today in the municipal hall in Oberems! Important information about the bear and the bear trail can be found on the hike along magnificent tracks through the forests. Spectacular cable car rides round off the experience.

The trail offers beautiful views, magnificent trails through the forests, interesting information about the bear, amusement for children, and if you don't want to carry a backpack - no problem, because there are restaurants at the start and finish.

The start in Unterems is reached either with the cable car or a car. There are beautiful views of Ergisch and of the opposite side of the Rhone valley. The trail lies directly beside the old water course in beautiful mixed woodland. There is an info board in the next hamlet you walk through which commemorates the bear shot by hunters here. After crossing the Turtmännä stream, you reach the beautiful Toibuwald with its high fir trees. Cross lush meadows with a unique variety of flora to reach Oberems with its intact mountain farming and wonderful old Valais houses. The bear paw is also to be found here.

The bear trail can also be started from Oberems and is equally beautiful.



6.00 km
Altitude difference ascent
580 m
Altitude difference descent
250 m
Time required
2 - 4h
Level technique
Level condition
Height profile view map


Follow the yellow signposts with a picture of a black bear.

  • child-friendly


Starting point
Unterems (Altitude: 1006 m)
Arrival by public transport
Unterems Timetable SBB
Oberems (Altitude: 1334 m)
Arrival by public transport
Oberems, Seilbahn Timetable SBB

Suitable for

The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • Children from 7-12 years
  • Children >12 years
  • 50+

Discovering underway

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Unterems hiking paradise

walker's paradise with great views
the pretty village of Unterems lies at an altitude of 1003 m Already in 1419 the mountain community was mentioned in history.

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Oberems children's playground

Oberems has also done something for families with children and made a picnic and children's playground on 2001 at Fenster 7, just above the village.

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Oberems - Turtmanntal Gateway

Oberems lies on a mountain road at the entrance to the Turtmann valley at an altitude of 1335 m. The "Gateway to Turtmann valley" only has 135 inhabitants, but with 5080 ha its area is one of the largest communities in the district of Leuk.

Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Hotel-Restaurant Emshorn

Magnificent views invite guests to stop and relax. Day-trippers and holidaymakers alike can savour the delicious specialities on the menu in a cosy ambience to round off a pleasurable stay.

RestaurantHotelDirect sellingCafé
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Bed and Breakfast Berginsel

The Berginsel is an agritourism family business. In 2014, we lovingly renovated the old watch house of the hydroelectric power station, using a great deal of passion and commitment to detail.
Our breakfast is native, through and through.

Bed and BreakfastGroup accommodationAgrotourismDirect selling
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Oberems sawmill and mill

Experience interactively the world of timber and forestry handcraft.
Discover the diversity of sawmills and mills through the traces of history.
Immerse yourself in old Valais handcraft traditions.

SiteMuseum / Exhibition

Routes in the vicinity

Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Sihlwald circular hiking trail

From Sihlwald railway station the hike crosses the Sihltal road and leads into the forest wilderness. the higher you climb up the spinner's trail, the wilder and more peaceful it becomes.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 hoursLength: 13.10km
Parc naturel régional Jura vaudois

La Grande Traversée Hiking

Enjoy fabulous views, typical forests and wooded pastures along the Jura Crest trail. After the climb to the Mont Tendre (1679 m), the route leads down the Pied du Jura foothills through typical villages.

Hiking trail
Time required: 18 hoursLength: 46.00km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Forest Nature Trail

On the Forest Nature Trail you get to learn the secrets of the forest, and in a creative and imaginative way you come into contact from head to toe with the Sihlwald.

Theme trailHiking trail
Time required: 2 hoursLength: 2.80km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Sihlwald–Langenberg, Waldroute

Quer durch die Wildnis des Sihlwalds und durch Einfamilienquartiere führt der Weg vom Besucherzentrum des Wildnispark Zürich zu den Tieranlagen im Langenberg.

Hiking trail
Time required: 1 hour 30 minutesLength: 5.40km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Sihlwald–Langenberg, Uferweg

Auf dem Sihluferweg vom Besucherzentrum zum Wildpark Langenberg.

Hiking trail
Time required: 1 hour 45 minutesLength: 5.60km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald


Zweistündige Wanderung durch den Wald und hinunter zum Zürichsee.

Hiking trail
Time required: 1 hour 5 minutesLength: 3.80km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald


Der erste Teil dieser Wanderung bietet viel Weitsicht und tolle Ausblicke über den Sihlwald. Im zweiten Teil tauchen Sie dann direkt ein in die Wildnis des ersten Naturerlebnisparks der Schweiz.

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 hours 15 minutesLength: 8.10km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald


Die gemütliche Wanderung mit einzelnen Anstiegen führt quer durch die Kernzone des Sihlwalds.

Hiking trail
Time required: 3 hours 15 minutesLength: 10.80km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald


This hike leads through the wilderness park of Zurich Sihlwald, the largest natural beech mixed woodland in the central part of Switzerland.

Hiking trail
Time required: 3 hours 30 minutesLength: 11.40km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Circular bike tour Sihlwald

Leisurely, one-hour circular bicycle tour for families and recreational sports people. At first the way is flat along the River Sihl and afterwards through the forest wilderness of the Sihlwald nature discovery park.

Bicycle tour
Time required: 55 minutesLength: 11.60km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Langenberg–Sihlwald round trip

A pleasant e-bike circuit from Langnau-Gattikon to the wildlife park and through the Sihlwald nature forest to Sihlbrugg. Then along the River Sihl back to the starting point.

Bicycle tourE-bike itinerary
Time required: 1 hour 40 minutesLength: 21.40km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Winter trail Gemmi-Kandersteg

For a number of years, it is once again possible to cross the Gemmi pass from the top and go as far as Sunnbüel in winter. The walk leads from the Gemmi over the Dauben Lake to Kandersteg.
The trail descends slightly, is well cared for and marked.

Winter hiking path
Time required: 2 - 4hLength: 8.50km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald


This cycling route leads from Zurich's town centre to the wilderness in Sihlwald and for most of the way on car-free tracks, always follows the bank of the River Sihl (regional cycle route 94).

Bicycle tour
Time required: < 2hLength: 14.80km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Leukerbad - Gemmi Pass

The mule track was constructed by the Tyroleans in 1739/41 and leads through the Daubenwand, which even today seems insurmountable, and up to the Gemmi Pass. With a bit of luck you might see bearded vultures.

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 - 4hLength: 4.70km
Naturpark Pfyn-Finges

Via Cook: Gemmi - Kandersteg

Visitors rave about the splendid views of the Monte-Rosa massif, the Weisshorn,Matterhorn and Dent Blanche.The mule track still leads past the Dauben Lake to Schwarenbach mountain hotel, which is steeped in history, and then further on to Kandersteg.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 - 6hLength: 15.50km
Parc naturel régional Jura vaudois

La Grande Traversée - Stage 3

From Montricher, the trail continues along the foot of the Jura and its authentic villages offering beautiful views on the Alps. La Grande Traversée ends at Romainmôtier, a medieval town famous for its abbey.

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 - 4hLength: 16.00km
Naturpark Beverin

Via Spluga (Zillis - Splügen)

The second stage of the Via Spluga continues along the Posterior Rhine past the wildly romantic Roffla Gorge and the calm Sufner lake all the way to Splügen.

Hiking trail
Time required: 8 hoursLength: 20.50km
Naturpark Beverin

Lai da Vons Bike

Biketour durch vielfältige Landschaft, vor allem das Hochplateau beim Lai da Vons ist die Strapazen einer Biketour auf jeden Fall wert. Kann ohne schwierige Trails gefahren werden.

Mountainbike trail
Time required: 4 - 6hLength: 35.00km
Naturpark Beverin

Walserweg Graubünden Etappe 8

Vorbei am grünen Andeer Granit, durch die Roflaschlucht und hinein ins vom Bergbau geprägte Val Ferrera.

Hiking trail
Time required: 4 - 6hLength: 11.00km
Schweizerischer Nationalpark

Guided walk Val Trupchun

Particularities: mixed alpine forests with good opportunities for observing animals, in particular red deer, ibex and marmots; varied vegetation. Mainly on the level, this walk is suitable even in bad weather.

Hiking trail
Time required: 7 hoursLength: 14.00km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Hausen am Albis – Oberrieden

Diese spannende Wanderung mit vielen Höhenmetern führt einmal quer durch den Naturwald Sihlwald und endet am erfrischenden Zürichsee.

Hiking trail
Time required: 2 hoursLength: 10.00km
Wildnispark Zürich Sihlwald

Velotour Zürich – Sihlbrugg – Zürich

Diese Velotour führt der Sihl entlang von der Grossstadt Zürich mitten in die Waldwildnis des Naturerlebnisparks Sihlwald und wieder zurück. Entlang der Strecke gibt es mehrere Einkehrmöglichkeiten.

Bicycle tour
Time required: 2 - 4hLength: 39.40km
Parc naturel régional Gruyère Pays-d'Enhaut

Charmey – Gruyères

Between nature, culture and heritage

Hiking trail
Time required: 3 hours 15 minutesLength: 11.20km