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Vreneli Museum Guggisberg

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Vreneli-Museum Guggisberg
Dorf 75
3158 Guggisberg



Naturpark Gantrisch - "s isch äben e Mönsch uf Ärde - Simelibärg!" - This is how the oldest and most famous folk song in Switzerland begins. Alive to this day. You can learn more about this and about the short skirts of the Guggisberg traditional costume in the museum

In the village of Guggisberg, at the foot of the Guggershorn, stands the stately farm "Linde", where Vreneli lived. Vreneli lost his father at an early age, and the farmer on the "Zelg" stood by the widow and her underage daughter with advice and support. He would have liked to unite the two farms by marrying his son to the "Linden" daughter. But it was too late; Vreneli loved "Simes Hans-Joggeli", who lived "änet dem Bärg", i.e. behind the Guggershorn in Walenhaus, on the shady side.During a heated argument with Hans-Joggeli, the young "Zelg" farmer fell heavily and remained unconscious. Simes Hans-Joggeli thought he was dead and fled abroad, according to the story as a legionnaire. Vreneli apparently did not live to see his return. This story is the content of Switzerland's oldest folk song. The Vreneli Museum is located in a "Stöckli" next to the church. It traces the story and shows a household and objects from Vreneli's time.


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