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Hiking trail
Time required: 4 hours 45 minutesLength: 13.00 km


All season


Naturpark Thal
Hölzlistrasse 57
4710 Balsthal
Tel. +41 62 386 12 30

Naturpark Thal - This tour reveals the different aspects of the Thal Nature Park. From Welschenrohr, the route leads to the beautiful and wildly romantic Wolf Gorge, through which you ascend to continue hiking in the lofty heights of the second Jura chain.

The starting point for this walking is in the village of Welschenrohr. The Wolf Gorge is a cantonal forest reserve and demonstrates the tremendous powers of Mother Nature. Between high and partially over-hanging rocky cliffs, the trail winds upwards through the narrow, wildly romantic gorge with its caves and erosions.

At the end of the climb, you leave the Wolf Gorge through a narrow passage. Continuing over lush Jura pastures, the trail goes via Tannmatt to Mieschegg and then to Hinter Brandberg. The view of the other side of the valley offers tantalising glimpses of one of the largest uninterrupted woodland regions of Switzerland. Dropping down to Welschenrohr, the route passes through a lynx reserve.



13.00 km
Altitude difference ascent
860 m
Altitude difference descent
860 m
Time required
4 hours 45 minutes
Level technique
Level condition
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We recommend getting to Wolfsschlucht by public transport. The Herbetswil Wolfsschlucht bus stop is located directly at the entrance.
In the village centre of Herbetswil there are signposted parking spaces. From there the path to the Wolfschlucht is also marked.
Further parking facilities are available in Welschenrohr.
The Wolfschlucht is a cantonal nature reserve. Please observe the cantonal regulations (regarding fire, dogs. . . ) and the corresponding markings on site.
In wet weather, very good footwear is recommended, as it can be slippery.


100 meters below the “Wolfschlucht” bus stop, follow the sign to “Obere Tannmatt”. In Obere Tannmatt, follow the sign to Hinter Brandberg. From there, continue in the direction of “Lochboden” until you reach Lochboden.


  • Picnicplace
  • Fireplace


Starting point
Welschenrohr (Altitude: 687 m)
Arrival by public transport
Welschenrohr, Zentrum Timetable SBB
Welschenrohr (Altitude: 687 m)
Arrival by public transport
Welschenrohr, Zentrum Timetable SBB

Suitable for

The offer is suitable for

  • Adults
  • Children from 7-12 years
  • Children >12 years
  • 50+
  • Families

Discovering underway

Naturpark Thal


Wolfsschlucht (gorge of the wolf) is a cantonal nature reserve and demonstrates here the enormous power of nature. A trial runs between the steep and overhanging cliffs through the narrow and wild romantic gorge with caves and erosions.

Natural landscape / HabitatWaters
Naturpark Thal

Bergwirtschaft Obere Tannmatt

Visit the Bergwirtschaft after hiking to the Wolfsschlucht

Farm restaurant
Naturpark Thal

Gasthof Kreuz - Welschenrohr

The Gasthof Kreuz is run by the fourth generation of the Läuffer family. Modern hotel, seasonal menu, new winter garden, plenty of parking spaces, children's playground and much more.


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